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Academic Programs

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Pre-Kindergarten from 1.5 – 3 years old. Kindergarten 1 to Prothom 6 Taught by native English speakers

Extra curriculum Thai music, International music, Thai classical dance, Art, Computer, Swimming, Taekwondo, and 9 clubs offer activities to help develop learners

Open mind with mathematical knowledge of Piyapongwittaya School. The slogan “Learning by playing and enjoying to knowledge” Delete of old image. The mathematical is learning to stress. Activity with learning is simple.

Focusing on 13 skills, science process skills.

  1. Observation skill.
  2. Infer from the data skill.
  3. Classification skill.
  4. Measurement skill.
  5. Numeric skill.
  6. Preparation and data interpretation skill.
  7. Forecasting skill.
  8. Relationship between space-time skill.
  9. Assumptions skill.
  10. Workshop for policies variable skill.
  11. Interpret the data skill and conclusions

Health and Physical Education Subject is focused on discipline. Development to the intelligent. Development of critical thinking for decisions and solve the problems. Students are learning about yourself. They are understand the nature and life. Know and understand by themselves. Loveing to exercise and playing sports. They have spirit of sport, know won foiled and forgiven . As well as leading and they have the morality and good values. They can behave to appropriately the protect encourage and the maintain permanently of good health on yourself are communities.

Art artis perfect human to heart on Art Subject. Today, people have t highly competition. Another branch of art as a list to help with the human mind to relax. Music (Thai, International).

In the career and Technology Subject include housework, invention, agriculture work business and computer. A learning process focused on students are important. Actual practice to be applied in life and process to the creative student in variety of activities. The teacher provides instruction on how to learn.

The Communicative Approach

Aim of method teaching focused on student used communication language

The language mean that tool used to the communication and learning language develop student for knowledge. Ability in communication interact with other social.

Learning and teaching are focused important to develop skill, listening, speaking, reading and writing skill.

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